Medical statistic of chronic prostatitis: how to treat the disease effectively

According to statistics chronic prostatitis affects not less than 30% of men older than 25 years. In this case, up to 40% of urological patients suffer prostatitis and work in the most socially active age group (20-40 years), which is of great social importance. No one has died of this disease, but it can greatly damage the life, especially personal.

Chronic prostatitis is known as a distinct disease for over 150 years. And all the time it was considered virtually untreatable. Doctors were trying all possible and impossible methods for the treatment of chronic prostatitis, but nothing helped.

Not every man can become ill with chronic prostatitis. Most chronic prostatitis occurs in men with poor health, therefore predisposed.

It all starts with an infection that gets into the prostate through the urethra during sexual contact and causes chronic prostatitis. This happens in 50% of patients. The other infection gets into the prostate through the blood or lymph from various sites of infection (anal fissures, complicated by hemorrhoids, abscess, boils crotch, etc.) and also causes chronic infectious prostatitis.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis causes quite a lot of challenges for doctors. But do not despair, medicine has accumulated a sufficient number of ways to alleviate your condition and the normalization of the quality of life. Just do not try to deal with prostatitis by yourself using old grandma remedies. This way you will just pull for a while to see a doctor, and the prostate during this time will have time to move to the next stage of development.

Treatment of chronic prostatitis necessarily involves various techniques, among which is the use of medications, like Extenze.

But, in almost all forms of acute and chronic prostatitis are used antibiotics. If chronic prostatitis is caused by pathogenic microorganisms, i.e., destroying the pathogen can significantly alleviate the disease.
In the treatment of chronic prostatitis is important to use hormonal methods. Hormone therapy can reduce the amount of glandular tissue in the body of the prostate and reduce inflammation.

You can safely use various supplements (Extenze) for a long time, as they do not cause as a rule, side effects and addiction. Today it is very common and popular method of treating chronic prostatitis.

Natural drug against prostatitis have shown remarkable therapeutic properties in the treatment of many serious internal diseases. They affect the body by normalizing intracellular reactions. Also herbal capsule has a lot of zinc - an element, necessary for normal functioning of male sexual organs.