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What is Semenax?

Semenax pill is a natural, herbal supplement made for men who need help in increasing their semen volumes plus builds a stronger and longer orgasm.

Semenax is distributed by Leading Edge Health - company based in Tennessee, United States. All their products are manufactured in cGMP certified facilities in the USA using high quality ingredients.

In this Semenax review, you will get all the hard facts you want to know about it.

You can buy Semenax through the official website - The product can be purchased with a major credit card or PayPal.

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How Much Does Semenax Cost?

Official website offer pricing discounts and special bonus gifts on 2-month supplies and greater.

One month supply (1 bottle) $59.95, three months (3 Bottles) $154.95 and there are more options.

The more you order the more you save - as low as 33.33$ per bottle for 12-month supply.

The 12-month supply costs $399.95 and you'll saving up to $320 ($26 on every bottle).

Who is Semenax for?

Semenax is for two groups of men:

a) Guys in their sexual prime (20s and 30s) who want to further intensify their sexual experience with wild orgasms that just keep going and going, with BIG hard, contractions and impressive visual releases and spraying power.

b) Guys past their sexual prime (40s and beyond) or guys who aren't currently satisfied with their ejaculations or orgasm intensity – guys who want to restore the ejaculate power they naturally experienced in their earlier years.

... In both cases, Semenax is suitable for men who want to ejaculate loads that are visually more impressive AND men who wish to ratchet up the intensity of their current erectile function and orgasms.

Why no just get a prescripton?

Prescription erection pills don't address issues of load size. They're strictly formulated to increase blood flow to your penis. But if you have low semen volume, prescription pills are unlikely to have the desired effect on your orgasm intensity.

Semenax, on the other hand, is a natural supplement designed to help improve aspects of male sexual health related to ejaculate volume. So you don't just enjoy larger releases of semen… you avoid the side effects associated with prescription medications!

What does Semenax do for men?

If you are wondering what Semenax pill does, it would be easy to say it increases your sperm output. But that is not very complete because it is also a male virility formula that positively enhance all aspects of the male reproductive system.

How fast can I expect results?

Many clients report seeing results within the first 7 days of using Semenax. However, to experience the BEST RESULTS, we recommend supplementing for at least 60-90 days to give the natural herbals the opportunity to build up in your system.

Then, after 90 days of supplementation, remember that you must continue supplementing to maintain the results – otherwise the ingredients will slowly leave your system and your sexual performance will likely slip back to your current dissatisfactions.

Much like taking a daily multi-vitamin, you'll only enjoy the benefits for as long as you continue the daily supplementation!

Does Semenax work?

If you are asking this question, you are not alone. Many guys want to know if Semenax really work and rightly so. Because if it does not work, you don't want to waste your money on it.

So "does Semenax work"? The answer is "yes". Semenax really work to give you the below benefits.

Semenax works because it's powerful blend of ingredients contain nutrients that increase the various fluids that make semen and enhances the function of a man's reproductive system.

male reproductive system

Semenax not only increases volume of cum, but also enhances the function of each of these vital parts of a man's reproductive system:

  • Ejaculatory Ducts
  • Epididymis
  • Testes, Testicles
  • Prostate Gland
  • Seminal Vesicles
  • Vas Deferens

Semenax nourishes and tonifies all of this!

How Semenax Works To Increase Your Ejaculate Volume And Intensify Your Sexual Pleasure, Too!

You don't need to be a math or science wizard to understand why Semenax works. Because while the formulation itself is highly advanced, the physics principles it's based upon are both simple and logical:

More Semen = harder, more frequent contractions to ejaculate it all = wilder, more mind-bloweing orgasms!

There is a direct correlation between the size of loads you ejaculate, how long your muscles must contract to ejaculate all that potent semen, and the overall intensity and pleasure you experience during orgasm.

So it only makes sense – if you want to increase the intensity of your orgasms and shoot bigger loads that are more visually impressive...

And that's where Semenax can help.

This proven ejaculate boosting formulation has been designed to support all aspects of the male reproductive system directly related to semen production so that:

  • Your seminal plasma (the juice that holds your semen) is INCREASED!
  • The seminal vesicle fluids that make up 70% of your load are INCREASED!
  • The prostate gland fluid (that makes up 25% of your load) is INCREASED!
  • The bulbourethral gland fluid (that makes your loads thicker and more jelly-like during release) is INCREASED!

…So that after 60-90 days of supplementation, you may be experiencing noticeably bigger ejaculations, every time you cum!

Again, because there's simply MORE semen and sperm available to ejaculate!

Now, you might ask the question… Do I really need Semenax to increase my load size?

The answer is -- it depends. Factors like age, diet, stress, level of physical fitness, genetics, and more can all play a role in your semen production.

If you believe that your current dissatisfaction with your load size is probably a temporary thing, brought on by life factors like short-term stresses, illnesses, etc., then it's quite possible that your load size will increase again once you eliminate these issues.

On the other hand, if your load size has been slowly decreasing over time due to genetics and age – or perhaps you just wish to further improve your sex life with bigger, more visually impressive loads – then Semenax is probably a good choice for you.

Semenax Benefits

  • Increase your sperm count!
  • Experience lenghtier more intense orgasms!
  • Get astounded with your impressive loads of cum!
  • Superior "shooting power"!
  • Whiter, more robust texture and appearance of cum!
  • Increased contraction strength!
  • Improved sexual function and response!

What other benefits are there? In addition to increased volume of sperm and semen, increase fertility, plus the significantly stronger and more satisfying orgasms, you can also expect an overall improvement in sexual well-being and function, plus an increase in confidence and increased sexual desire. Many men also report harder erections with continued use of Semenax.

Semenax Results

  • Give you massive loads of cum when you ejaculate
  • Fill up your partner with excitement and overflowing
  • Enjoy stronger orgasms with better semen volume
  • Bring excitement to your sexual experience with huge shooting out ejaculations

This chart shows sample Semenax pills test results reported by four men who used the program:

Semenax Results

Comments: In addition to improvement in semen/sperm volume, subjects also reported overall increased libido and performance. Some men also reported increase in erectile hardness.

Realistic results: Most men who use Semenax pills note differences immediately -- within a day or two! With continued use, the benefits increase and remain as long as you like! Men also report that their lovers see, feel and enjoy the difference Semenax makes.

Semenax: typical clinical study results:

semenax clinica study

Is Semenax a male libido pill?

Not exactly. Though some clients report an increase in sex drive, stamina and recovery time, Semenax is designed specifically for a spectacular climax – not for an increase in libido.

Is Semenax safe?

Semenax is SAFE because of these reasons:

  1. Semenax is manufactured only in a cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical facility.
  2. Semenax is an all-natural product without side effects.
  3. Semenax is a endorsed by doctors and medical figures.
  4. Semenax is medically proven by human clinical studies!

Semenax Customer Service

You have the options of contacting the Semenax customer service directly online, or by calling them up and talking to someone personally. We tried it to test for ourselves, and the customer service staff is very knowledgeable in regards to the product, and personable.

They truly work to help you maximize the results you will see, helping you find more pleasure in your sexual experiences.

Does Semenax help with pregnancy?

Semenax makes larger volumes of fluid and sperm available for each orgasm, which in turn means more contractions to release it all -- with stronger, more pleasurable orgasms.

And increased sperm production naturally results in increased fertility.

Do I need a prescription to buy Semenax?

Prescription erection pills don't address issues of load size. They're strictly formulated to increase blood flow to your penis. But if you have low semen volume, prescription pills are unlikely to have the desired effect on your orgasm intensity.

Semenax, on the other hand, is a natural supplement designed to help improve aspects of male sexual health related to ejaculate volume. So you don't just enjoy larger releases of semen… you avoid the side effects associated with prescription medications!

Are there any known side effects?

There are no reported side effects, though if you're concerned, you should always speak with a medical professional who knows you and your medical history.

Is Semenax appropriate for a man with a vasectomy?

Absolutely, yes! First off, Semenax won't magically reconnect the tubing! ;-) So rest assured that while your semen may be enhanced, the little buggers (i.e., sperm) who wreak havoc still won't be able to get loose!

And second, you'll still enjoy all benefits of increased seminal and prostrate fluids that make up the majority of your ejaculate. So you can still expect to enjoy more impressive ejaculations with greater orgasm intensity.

How long does it take for Semenax to start working?

Many guys report feeling a difference with Semenax in less than a week. You'll probably see best results after three months. You'll have to keep using Semenax pills to maintain your higher semen volume and the longer orgasm that goes with it.

What's in Semenax?

Semenax is a natural supplement with sexual nutrients including l-arginine and Swedish flower pollen. Please visit the Semenax ingredients page to learn more about them.

Can I get a discount?

You can benefit from the product guarantee and time to time offers made available by the manufacturer. The company knows this, and they offer Semenax at Walgreens, Semenax at GNC and Semenax at CVS with discount packaging on higher orders.

Semenax Guarantee

You're invited to try Semenax for 60 days RISK FREE. Try a full 60-day supply (2 bottles) and if you're not completely satisfied, return the empty bottles with any other bottles you may have purchased within 67 days for a full refund minus only your shipping fees.

Official manufacturer offer this industry leading guarantee because they know that product works, and so they're not afraid to stand behind it with a rock solid guarantee.

How Semenax Ship?

Shipping is very discreet. Semenax will arrive in a plain package – nobody will be able to guess the contents. This is a concern for all of our customers, so please rest assured we take your privacy issues very seriously.

Semenax free trial

You’re invited to try Semenax risk free, for 60 days. Official Semenax website offers a 60 day money return guarantee for any man who test drives the product and is not satisfied with the results. The 60 day trial is in effect from the day the product ships and continues for the next 60 calendar days. To receive a refund, the customer simply returns the unused portion back to where the product was purchased before the 60 day clock closes.

How Effective Is Semenax?

Semenax has become an overnight sensation as a dietary supplement and sexual enhancement. Created by a group of pharmaceutical professionals, is the world’s most effective product enhancement sperm available.

Stimulating the male testicles, promises to deliver bigger loads of cum Malthus, creating the largest count of sperm cells, fertility and intense orgasms has increased for both partners. The rate of success has been overwhelming, working for men of all ages, young and old.

One of the most important aspects of Semenax

Is what does not constitute a disability for the user. Since the product not only helps individuals with a low sperm count, but also young virile, a man taking this product is in no way signals to a partner or for yourself that there is a problem.

He just wants to experience orgasms of a more complete and fulfilling way. The side effect that usually we also means securing sexual impotence and other diseases that can be associated with other products. Literally is a victory for the user.

Semenax is produced by natural ingredients 100% of all

So you can be assured no chemicals or drugs are interacting with your body. It has been clinically proven to increase and improve the level of sperm volume in male body and is tried, tested and mixed in pharmaceutical laboratories in the United States.

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Conclusions on Semenax

To conclude this Semenax review, note that this semen enhancement pill has worked for countless men before. It is effective and safe and will work for you too.

Semenax Pills can help increase your sperm and semen production without any nasty side effects. Imagine what a bigger load can do for your sex life - you can enjoy more intense orgasms and your partner will no doubt appreciate that too.

Note that this pill can do more for you - it can also give you rock hard erections and a higher sex drive not to mention more sustainable erections.

In addition, your purchase is covered by a risk-free, 67 day money back guarantee. So there is really nothing for you to lose.

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