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Semenax - a medical remedy, that increases the production of sperm by 500%. These capsules increase the sperm count, mobility and vitality.
The pack consists of 120 capsules. The recommended dose is 4 capsules per day with meals.


  1. The pollen of Swedish flower - from ancient times the pollen received an excellent reputation, as it gave extra energy, strength and courage. It provides all bio factors that portend sex hormones and micro elements, the health of the reproductive system.
  2. L-Arginine HCL - identifies and doubles the number of sperm, improves fertility (even among men with low sperm alive), enhances and complements the health and activity of sperm.

  3. L-Lysine - it is proven, that amino acid with zinc increases sperm production, stimulates testosterone production and improves semen quality.
  4. Zinc oxide has been used to increase sperm vitality from 80% to 200% by the synthesis of testosterone.
  5. L-CARNITINE this amino acid has been identified in high concentrations in healthy sperm. Proved a significant increase in the amount of active sperm.
  6. Catuaba root is grown in Brazil. It has a positive effect on improving libido and improvement in general reproductive system.
  7. Vitamin E - our reproductive health is regulated by hormones which are dependent on the metabolism of nutrients, including vitamin B. Vitamin E also enhances and assists the erectile function of the organism.
  8. Zinc Aspartate - zinc significantly affects the reproductive functions of the body and normalizes the function of the prostate gland.
  9. Pine bark extract - enhances production of nitric oxide in the body, the chemical component of the male reproductive system. It also has a positive effect on the treatment of erectile dysfunction.
  10. Muira puama - this plant is native to Brazil. Since ancient times, it has become known for its positive effects in the treatment of erectile dysfunction and improve libido, but also has an excellent tonic effect on improving body tone with fatigue.
  11. Hawthorn is a powerful antioxidant and a natural bioflavonoid that supports healthy cardio vascular system of the body. This herb helps in the regulation of both high and low blood pressure, also displays the body of cholesterol and fat deposits.
  12. Cranberry has a positive effect on excretion or treatment of urological infections. Cranberries also have a positive effect on men with an enlarged prostate.

As you see, the list of natural ingredients of rather wide and thus, there is nothing strange in such high popularity of Semenax Walgreens treatment course.